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Marrianne Haggerstrom

"I have had a the wonderful opportunity to work on two cookbooks with Erin.


The second project for Food creative Networks Erin produced a stunning seasonal chapter opening feature page with her illustrations on seasonal fruit and vegetables. The brief composed was short and sweet and she created absolutely amazing imagery which represented the cookbook chapter beautifully.

Erin is a dream to work with. Both creative and open to ideas and quick on producing original and beautiful illustrations. I cannot wait for the next project together."

Front Cover

Lily Abery

"It has been a complete joy working with Erin. We set out to create "The Secret Garden Under the Sea, The Adventures of Seanna the Seahorse and Friends", a book all about protecting the seagrass which lives on seabeds along the UK's coast and preserving the oceans. It's also a book about friendship and working together. Erin's illustrations elevated the book to new heights of animation and sophistication, bringing colour and life to a difficult topic - and creating some loveable characters along the way. The book appeared on ITV News, as well as in some other fantastic titles in the UK press - events all testament to Erin. The book would not have been as beautiful, nor as entertaining and informative without her dedication to the project and to the characters she created. Thank you, Erin!" 

Ta Dah!

Samantha Lewis

"It was an utter pleasure to work with Erin on my sample chapter for a children's science book, which covered a mix of history and physics. She has a flair for bringing complex and abstract ideas to life with humour and intelligence in her beautiful artwork, which she creates at an impressive speed. Whilst able to work accurately to a brief, she is also fizzing with creative ideas which she generously throws into the mix - making the whole process feel wonderfully collaborative - and she always goes the extra mile to ensure that everything is just right. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her and just hope I get the chance to work with her again!"

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